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Stream live in just a few clicks and reach your fans anywhere!

Live streaming made easy.
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Start streaming in minutes with just a few clicks.
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Built with reliability and reach in mind.
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Robust documentation and support.

What can you do with Marconi?

We get it, venues are closed, and audiences are scattered. Marconi makes it easy to connect your webcam and begin streaming live in just a few clicks. Sell tickets, stream for free, or give ‘em a taste before bringing fans back to your website (or anywhere else you’d like to drop a player) to watch, connect, shop, and more. With Marconi, you can reach your audience everywhere they’re paying attention — on your website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch.
Whether your forté is cooking or coding, fitness or photography — online classes are a great way to share your expertise, grow a following, and generate a new revenue stream. Marconi makes it easy to stream your classes in just a few clicks so you can reach your audience on social channels or your own website (or both!). You have complete control over where you stream and how much to charge, along with the data you need to see what’s performing well.
Content marketing is the new black (or is it pink?). And engagement with video offers the highest return for your marketing dollars. Take every opportunity to surprise and delight your fans by engaging with them in real-time by streaming your branded content live to social media, your website, or anywhere else you’d like to reach them. Whether you’re teaching your audience something new or introducing them to your latest product, Marconi makes streaming easy.
Have something else in mind for your live stream? Maybe you’re a gamer who’s tired of Twitch. Or you’ve got an event coming up that you’d like to share with the world. Perhaps your podcast has outgrown Youtube (or was never there in the first place). No matter what you want to stream, Marconi makes it easy to reach your audience anywhere and everywhere. Monetize as you see fit, and get all the data you need in return.